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Deep Clean Awning Cleaner

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Price: Starting at $47.94
Manufacturer: Winsol Labs
Manufacturer Part No: 2051G
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Now, With Streak-Release

For years we have used awnings as protection from rain, direct sun, as decoration for buildings , and more recently, as a form of advertising, replacing more expensive signage. With those years, improper or non-existent maintenance has taken it’s toll on valuable awning materials.  Air-borne soils and building run-off have left most awnings deeply soiled and less than attractive to the building or home owner. 

Deep Clean is designed to clean both vinyl and woven canvas Awnings.
Improper maintenance, or worse, neglect, will void most manufacturer’s warranties. Much, if not all, of the original qualities of the awnings can be restored with the conscientious program of deep cleaning and a revitalizing protectant designed to replace solvents and plasticizers lost due to the effects of sun and soils. Tested and approved by Cooley, Dickson and most other manufacturers.
WINSOL DEEP CLEAN Awning Appearance Restorer is just one part of the most complete and safe system of specialized cleaning products designed to clean and restore valuable awnings and signage.   Available in Gallons and Cases of 4 Gallons.
  • Remove deeply embedded soils including bird  wastes
  • Remove streaks and stains from awnings
  • Restore the beauty to neglected awnings
  • Maintain manufacturers’ and installers’  warranties
  • Provide a necessary and profitable service

WINSOL DEEP CLEAN is designed and tested to thoroughly clean even the most deeply embedded stains and soils, including building run-off, stains from air pollution, diesel exhaust, tree sap and bird waste.  A profitable new business may start with your very first gallon. 
WINSOL DEEP CLEAN Awning Appearance Restorer is safe and effective for cleaning vinyl and polypropylene awnings, when used according to manufacturer’s instruction supplied with the product.  It quickly loosens and removes deeply embedded soils caused from years of neglect and weather.

Read entire label and OSHA (or Canadian WHMIS) Material Safety Data Sheet before using this or any chemistry.

Hand Cleaning: 8-32 ounces per gallon of water depending on soiling conditions.
Foam Generators: 2-4 ounces per gallon of water. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for equipment use.
Up to 7,000 square feet per gallon depending on soiling conditions and method of application. 

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