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Tucker Poles

 Wash Windows up to 83 feet high
There is no better way to safely wash upper floor windows than with a Tucker window washing system. One operator, standing safely on the ground, can wash, detergent, scrub, and rinse windows up to 45 feet high, quickly and easily. The Tucker pole system is a series of telescoping handles made of gold color anodized aluminum tubing and a brush. A detergent solution or rinse water may be fed through a continuous length of hose which is inside the handle. The water source requires the use of a de-ionized tank for optimum cleaning and rinsing. Optional C-dispenser allows detergent solution to be used during the cleaning process by placing compressed tablets in the detergent dispenser. De-ionized water dries without spotting and acts as a natural cleaner, therefore, detergent dispensers may not be needed (depending upon the application).  Choose from over 48 different models and all replacement sections and parts.
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