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The Ettore Aquaclean PW3 Cart is faster, safer, and more eco-friendly than conventional window cleaning methods. It is a 3-stage system with a carbon pre-filter, reverse osmosis membrane, and a DI cartridge to produce the Pure Water needed to clean windows at any height.  The Aquaclean system is designed to reduce the maintenance and cost in manufacturing pure water.  Pretreatment cartridge, Reverse Osmosis and a De-Ionization filter.  If you want to work higher than 50 feet/3 stories or run multiple waterpoles, you can add-on the 110V booster pump.

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PWP Extreme Flow RO Membrane 4040
Price: $349.99
PWP Extreme Flow RO Membrane 4040
Pure Water Power 4" x 40" Ultra Extreme Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane. This membrane exceeds all expectations and when compared to ANY other membrane on the market this membrane will give you the highest flow rate and rejection rate available today.
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