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Aqua Clean PW3 Filters


The Ettore Aquaclean PW3 Cart is faster, safer, and more eco-friendly than conventional window cleaning methods. It is a 3-stage system with a carbon pre-filter, reverse osmosis membrane, and a DI cartridge to produce the Pure Water needed to clean windows at any height.  The Aquaclean system is designed to reduce the maintenance and cost in manufacturing pure water.  Pretreatment cartridge, Reverse Osmosis and a De-Ionization filter.  Replacement filters for this unit below

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Axeon MIR DI Filter 4 x 21
Price: $95.00
Axeon MIR DI Filter 4 x 21
AXEON MIR – Series Mixed Bed DI Cartridges feature a Gel Poly Styrene Cross–linked with DVB mixed bed resin. The DI resin used in these cartridges has been specifically developed to reduce total dissolved solids, including calcium and magnesium. 21 x 4
Axeon Carbon Filter 4 x 21
Price: $97.99
Axeon Carbon Filter 4 x 21
Axeon Carbon Filter 4" x 21" The carbon used in these cartridges have been specifically developed to reduce chlorine, sediments, color, soluble organic compounds (SOC) and volatile organic compounds (VOC). With high chlorine reduction, and reduced carbon
AXEON RO Membrane HF5 4 x 40
Price: $399.99
AXEON RO Membrane HF5 4 x 40
Axeon 4" x 40" HF5 Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane. Offers reliability, high performance and delivers consistent results. Provides increased production, high rejection rates and low energy consumption. Will fit all RO systems that use a 40"x 4" RO filter
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