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Awning Cleaning Chemicals

WINSOL produces cleaners, sealers, waterproofers and eradicators for the vinyl fabric mills and producers of woven fabrics.  Winsol Labs is the most trusted name in awning maintenance chemicals in the world.  Their products are the safest, easiest to use and the most widely accepted products available.  Is there ANY reason you should trust your business name and your customers expensive vinyl or woven fabric awnings and canopies to any other brand of cleaner.  Their cleaners and sealers are also the best available products for detailing cars, RV's and all types of boats.  Any type of vinyl, tarp, tent, canvas, boat cover or outdoor fabric will come clean easier and be protected better with WINSOL products.

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Deep Clean Awning Cleaner
Price: Starting at $47.94
Deep Clean Awning Cleaner
Deep Clean by Winsol restores appearance. A specially formulated blend of active deep cleaning agents to allow the professional to remove even the heaviest and most deeply embedded soils. Coverage; 4,000 to 6,000 square feet. Available in Gallons.
Awning Cleaner & Protectant
Price: Starting at $34.58
Awning Cleaner & Protectant
Awning Cleaner and Protectant: A one step cleaning and protective system for routine maintenance. This will not adequately clean really dirty or neglected awnings. (Use Deep Clean) Coverage: 7,500 square feet by hand. Available in Gallons and Cases of 4.
Awning Armor by Winsol
Price: Starting at $68.24
Awning Armor by Winsol
Vinyl awning protectant improves the appearance and enhances the color of neglected awnings. Restores softness and suppleness. Wash resistant. Coverage; 8,000 to 12,000 square feet by hand. Available in Gallons and Cases of 4 Gallons.
Awning Guard by Winsol
Price: Starting at $76.65
Awning Guard by Winsol
Awning Guard Plus: To be used after "Deep Clean" to repel water and stains. Specifically designed to protect all types of woven fabrics. Will provide durable protection effectively for up to one year. Apply by hand. Coverage; approximately 1,000 sq. ft.
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