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Bird-X, Inc. is the trusted industry leader in humane, non-lethal and "green" bird and pest control since 1964. There is no other company worldwide that has consistently manufactured and distributed a wider variety of deterent pest products. Their arsenal of effective bird and animal repellers continues to grow.  Armed with cutting-edge research, a diverse inventory of innovative repellent products, and over 45 years of industry expertise, Bird-X is able to help you solve any bird or pest problem. Discreet and low-profile  Non-toxic formula makes a surface sticky and uncomfortable to birds.

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Bird Proof Gel
Price: $9.69
Bird Proof Gel
Bird Proof Gel (10.5 FL. ounce tube)Keep birds off their normal roosting areas. A non toxic sticky chemical that makes a surface tacky and uncomfortable to birds. Apply with a standard caulking gun.
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