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CC550 Glass Clearing Agent

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Price: Starting at $14.88
Manufacturer: Winsol Labs
Manufacturer Part No: 6014
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Crystal Clear 550
With CC550 you can now offer glass restoration. Designed to remove stage 1 alkaline buildup on glass.  Eliminates alkaline residues, exhaust particles, chemical and mineral deposits, water spots and the runoff from brick, concrete and mortar.  Excellent for new building cleanups.  Restores the surface clarity of glass by reducing the affects of minute pitting and hard water buildup.  Apply this easy to use solution with a sponge, window washing wand, or cloth. For use on glass with hard water stains, atmospheric pollutants, cement run-off, mortar, or concrete. This is a great addition to standard window cleaning. Make extra money restoring glass. CAUTION: A respirator and chemical resistant gloves should be worn when applying this product. Read entire label before using.
Available in quarts, gallons, and 5 gallon pails.  

Step 1:  Clean glass as usual as CRYSTAL CLEAR 550 is not a detergent and will not remove grease, oils and some other everyday soils.
STEP 2: - Using your scrubsleeve, sponge, towel, 3-M pad or whatever you prefer apply 550 sparingly to moisten the surface. If it is running off the glass you are using more than is needed.  Give it 20 - 30 seconds to loosen and begin dissolving deposits and gently scrub.
STEP 3: - Stop restoration process by applying rinse water or cleaning solution then squeegee dry as usual.  Repeat application as necessary for stubborn deposits that come off in layers.

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