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Extension Pole Pro Fit Red

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Price: $17.50
Item Number: 73045
Manufacturer: Mr. Long Arm
Manufacturer Part No: 73045

Better Shape for Better Performance. PRO-FIT's ergonomic tri-lobal handle, a slightly rounded triangular shape, is unigue in the extension pole market. More naturally fits the user's hand, making task easier and more comfortable with less fatigue. Causes less stress on hands and wrists. Features an exclusive soft rubber insert and fluted body running the full length of the handle. This unique combination ensures a non-slip grip for any hand position. PRO-FIT's patent-pending bi-directional compression mechanism provides a secure lock at any extended length. No slipping, so no readjustment is needed. Requires only a fraction of a turn in either direction to lock and unlock. Use wood screw on tip for tool seating. not included. 4 ft. only
Extremely rigid and smooth tubing with a favorable overall weight.
Resistant to corrosion and UV degradation.

Pole specs by Size

Closed # of
Length Length Sections Part #
   4 Ft. 31 Inches 2          #73045    



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