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Mosmatic TYR Mobile Duct Cart

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Price: Starting at $406.99
Manufacturer: Mosmatic
Manufacturer Part No: 6860

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Mosmatic TYR Mobile Duct Cart
The complete stainless versions of this frame has side to side and height adjustability. This is the perfect tool for horizontal duct cleaning. This mobile cart prevents the duct cleaner from bouncing against the sides of the wall. It can be used with all Mosmatic duct cleaners. 8 wheels allow easy sliding inside the duct. All stainless steel construction cart can be resized (width and height) depending on your needs.  Available in 2 models.
* For horizontal duct cleaning
* Can be used with all duct cleaners
* Side to side and height adjustable
* Completely stainless steel construction
* Weight;  9.5 lbs/15 lbs.

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