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Pro-ATV Direct Drive 3.0 gpm @ 2700 Honda GP 50 Gal Tank

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Price: $1,752.99
Item Number: RCS/E3027HA-TF
Manufacturer: Pressure Pro
Manufacturer Part No: RCS/E3027HA-TF
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Pro-ATV Series Direct Drive Cold Water 3.0 GPM @ 2700 PSI  Honda AR Pump 50 Gal Tank
Pro-ATV Skid units can be combined with various cold water pump/engine units to achieve a “Totally Self Contained” 50 gallon tank feed system. Available pressures from 2700 PSI and 3 GPM.   Add the tank/skid model with desired equipment and options listed to design a custom Honda powered unit built to your specifications. All skids are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum which are chemical resistant and rustproof. These units mount quickly and securely into Gator, Rhino, Mule or other ATV vehicles. These skid units mount quickly and securely into truck beds, trailers or other vehicles. Honda GX200 Motor with AR Pump. 50 Gallon Tank. Equipped with tank feed unloader bypass return & hose assembly.

Note:  This Unit is sold with the skid, Roll Cage Skid pressure washer, tank, bands, inlet plumbing and lnlet plumbing bypass.   The Hose Reel is sold separately as an option.

  • RCS/E3027HA-TF Roll Cage Skid Comes with the STANDARD ACCESSORIES
  • CST050-GATOR skid with 50 gallon tank, bands & inlet plumbing & bypass
  • Gun/wand assembly with insulated grip and quick connects
  • 50′ high pressure hose w/quick connects
  • Maxi-Flo 20% chemical injector assembly w/quick connects
  • 4 color-coded QC spray nozzles
  • 1 color-coded QC chemical nozzle
  • Tank Feed Unloader Inlet Plumbing bypass return & hose assy KBP100


  • 266693– Ag. Spray Gun, compare to JD9
  • 4465-1702– Ag. Hose, 3/8″, Yellow, Select 200’ or 400’ (Price is per foot)
  • KTF100– Float Valve Assembly – (shuts water off when tank is full)
  • KTD075– Tank Drain, 3/4″
  • LWS100– Low Water Shutdown – (shuts engine off when water level is low)
  • Dimensions: (with hose reel)
    38″W x 48″L x 49″H


  • AHR100-1– GP Hose Reel with Hardware, 100′ x 3/8” maximum
  • AHR200-1– GP Hose Reel with Hardware, 200′ x 3/8” maximum
  • AHR250-1– Hosetract Hose Reel w/ Hardware, 250′ x 3/8” max. (High Pressure Jumper Hose)
  • AHR250-G– Hosetract Hose Reel w/ Hardware, 250′ x 3/8” max. (Yellow AG Jumper Hose)
  • AHR250-3– Titan S.S. Hose Reel with Hardware , 250′ x 3/8” maximum

MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY:  All machines are warranted by the manufacturer to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. The manufacturer’s obligation under this warranty shall be limited to the repair of or exchange of any parts that may prove defective subject to normal use. Repairs must be pre-authorized. In no event shall the manufacturer be liable for incidental nor consequential damages, freight damages, transportation costs, nor labor charges, which result from any defect in the product or breach of this warranty. This warranty shall not apply to any part or parts, which have been subjected to accident, negligence, alteration, abuse or misuse. If any defect appears, immediately contact the dealer from which it was purchased. Returned units or parts must be shipped to the manufacturer prepaid only. A dated sales receipt with the serial number is required for all warranty claims.Returned Goods: All products must be approved by the manufacturer prior to return and must be accompanied by an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number. All products must be returned at customer’s expense and warranted products will be returned to the customer at no additional shipping charge.Heating Coils have a 5 year limited warranty against defect in material and workmanship. 1 year replacement, and 4 additional years prorated. Warranty excludes damage due to freezing, chemical deterioration, scale build up, rust, corrosion, or thermal expansion. Labor and freight excluded.Aluminum cold water frames have a limited LIFETIME warranty against defect in material or workmanship, excluding labor and freight.

PUMP WARRANTY – AR, CAT, GENERAL, UDOR PUMPSPumps are warranted to the original purchaser for a period specified by manufacturer from the date of purchase.Warranty covers manufacturing defects or workmanship that may develop under normal use in a manner up to the directions and usage recommended by the manufacturer.Warranty does not apply to misuse or when pump or accessory is altered or used in excess of recommended speeds, pressures, temperatures or handling fluids not suitable for pump or accessory material construction. Warranty does not apply to normal wear, freight damage, freezing damage or damage caused by parts or accessories not supplied by the manufacturer.Liability of manufacturer for warranty is limited to repair or replacement at the option of the manufacturer when such products are found to be of original defect or workmanship at the time it was shipped by the factory.

ENGINE WARRANTY--Honda GX – 3 year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship under normal use. Refer to Honda Owner’s Manual or contact your nearest authorized Honda service dealer.Honda GC – 2 year consumer or 90 day commercial use limited warranty against defects in material or workmanship. Refer to Honda Owner’s Manual or contact your nearest authorized Honda service dealer.Subaru/Robin (EX Series) – 3 year limited warranty. Refer to Owner’s Manual or contact your nearest authorized Subaru/Robin service dealer.Kohler – 2 year limited warranty. Refer to Owner’s Manual or contact your nearest authorized Kohler service dealer.Lombardini – 1 year limited warranty on all components, and 2 years for major components. Refer to Owner's Manual or contact your nearest authorized service dealer.NOTE: Due to pending revised (SAE) J1349 net horsepower rating standards on all gasoline powered engines, horsepowers noted in our literature may be subject to modification as determined by engine manufacturer.

ACCESSORIES WARRANTY--Guns, hoses, tips, valves, etc. have a warranty of 90 days. This warranty does not apply to malfunctions caused by fault or negligence or improper use. Labor and freight excluded.

FREIGHT FOB-- Ft. Pierce, Florida (UPS, common carrier).

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