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Viper Waterfed Poles

Viper Waterfed Poles are  manufactured by Pure Water Power; a company dedicated to producing top quality pure water systems and waterfed poles at a competitive price. Viper Waterfed Poles are available in sizes ranging from 18 ft. up to 65 ft.  Constructed of the highest quality and performing hybrid, 100% Carbon Fiber, and 100% Himodulous (HiMod) Carbon Fiber materials. 

All poles are equipped with a 24-Inch 100% 3K Carbon Fiber straight gooseneck that can also be used as a short pole for lower level windows, an adjustable angle gooseneck with an acme thread attachment for scrub pads, 12" dual trim nylon brush with both pencil & fan jets, Viper hose,  and high quality, easy to change, Locking Clamp Mechanisms with aluminum levers. Viper Waterfed Poles are the strongest and most rigid poles available.

Free Viper 25 ft Waterfed Pole With Purchase of Any Pure Water Power System


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