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Pure Water Power RODI

Pure Water Power manufactures 4-stage purification systems that are available for mobile and vehicle mounted use.  These systems are configured for optimum pure water cleaning and use 4 types of filtration for the best and most economical total filtration possible.  If you demand perfection at a better than market price, well these units are what you want.  Can be used, stored and transported in the flat position or upright.

Pure Water Power RODI Purification Systems utilize the highest Ultra Flow technology (RO) Reverse Osmosis membranes available.  There is not a better membrane available.  Our single 40" RO units produce an astounding .9 gpm at an incoming pressure of 60 psi and .75 gpm at 50 psi.  Our dual 40" RO units produce an astounding 1.8 gpm at an incoming pressure of 60 psi and 1.5 gpm at 50 psi.  The average pressure of any tap water source across the United States is 50 psi.  Very seldom will you see 60 psi from any water source.

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