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Waterfed Pole Brushes

We carry a wide range of waterfed pole brushes and Accessories from the most reputable manufacturers within the Window Cleaning Industry.  All the Brushes below are designed to work with the universal 22 mm Euro thread that is on most of the waterfed poles on the market.  Basically you can use any of these on any brand of pole you may have but you need to make sure your waterfed pole is equipped with the Euro threaded tip.  One thing to consider if you mix and match brushes that you may need to use different hoses or fittings as some brands do differ in the hose size that is used on the brush.

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Wagtail Jetstream
Wagtail Jetstream
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Uni Valve On Off Switch
Price: $74.99
Sale Price: $67.49
You Save: $7.50 (10 %)
Uni Valve On Off Switch
The Uni-Valve On/Off device is designed to be used with waterfed poles where the tubing is run through the pole. This valve will inline with your current tubing and is designed to sit inside the top section.
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Bronze Wool Scrub Pad
Price: $10.99
Bronze Wool Scrub Pad
The TuckerĀ® bronze wool pad is designed to attach to a pad holder or doodle bug and allows for extra scrubbing power in scenarios where a brush scrub may not be enough to effectively remove stubborn debris from glass surfaces. Size of pad is 9" x 4"
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