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Super Slip by Winsol

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Price: Starting at $12.32
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Manufacturer: Winsol Labs
Manufacturer Part No: 6350Q
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Super Slip by Winsol
A concentrated window cleaning additive that will slow evaportation and improve squeegee glide. The most advanced friction minimalization technology increase the slip and glide of commercial squeegee rubber blades. Prolongs rubber life. Also excellent for scraping and steel wool use. Reduces streaks and bleeding. Add to current window cleaning solution. Mix ratio: 1/2 to 1 ounch per gallon of water.  Available in Quarts and Gallons.

SUPER SLIP utilizes the latest advances in friction minimalization technology allowing the lowering of the drag coefficient on blade rubbers to an optimal level that assures new levels of blade slip, improved rubber life and a reduction in work related fatigue all without an increase in bleeding.
SUPER SLIP with state of the art wetting agents increases blade slip to stop chatter and drag without leading to bleeding.
SUPER SLIP lubricates your blade increasing rubber life without leaving a residue.
SUPER SLIP reduces scratching when used with a razor blade.
SUPER SLIP slows evaporation so you have more time to work.
SUPER SLIP allows you to use less soap so you are less likely to leave streaking.
SUPER SLIP mixes easily and safely with all types of detergents and soaps.
Exhaustive testing has shown SUPER SLIP to mix and work well with all types of cleaners.  It is also safe with alchohol for wither work.  SUPER SLIP is safe in RTU form on metal and painted surfaces and doesn't present a safety concern if spilled.  While SUPER SLIP will make your blade slide like magic your tools will not be slippery to the touch or become hard to hold.
Directions for Use:
Use 1/2 to 1 ounce to each gallon of water or washing solution.  Concentration may be adjusted depending on the specific needs.  Apply as usual when washing windows and squeegee dry.


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