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We have simplified the decision making process when it comes to choosing the right water-fed pole.  Here at Tucker® we make both aluminum and carbon fiber poles.  The aluminum poles have a maximum reach of 45′ and the carbon fiber poles have a maximum reach of 60′.  For the professional window cleaner who is looking to use a pole for long periods of time aluminum is an excellent choice up to around 30′.  Above that carbon fiber is the go to option for our professional customers.  If you are looking to utilize the pole only occasionally or only to reach that one or two hard to reach windows on a job you might consider our longer aluminum poles, up to 45′.  As you can see in the images below, the difference between our carbon fiber poles and aluminum poles is very minimal at an extension of 20′.  Beyond 30′ we certainly recommend our carbon fiber range.

Tucker Carbon Fiber Poles
Carbon Fiber WFP
Tucker Aluminum Single Hose
Single Hose WFP
Tucker Aluminum C-Dispenser
Dual Hose w/Dispenser
Tucker Aluminum Sections
Aluminum Sections
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