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Wagtail Jetstream

Wagtail Jetstream Pivoting Water-fed scrubber for water-fed pole work with water jets above microfibre pad to rinse as you scrub. Can be use hand held or on any extension pole or waterfed Pole with a euro connector

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Wagtail Zap Brush
Price: $36.75
Wagtail Zap Brush
12″ Water-fed, medium/hard bristle pivot head brush with 6 water jets set 5cm above brush without interference to agitating bristles. Can be used on your existing waterfed pole in place of your normal brush.
Wagtail Jetstream Microfiber Pad
Price: Starting at $5.63
Wagtail Jetstream Microfiber Pad
Replacement microfiber pad for the Wagtail Jetstream, Jetstream II, and Slim Line Flipper Combo Tools. Available in 5 sizes ranging from 12" to 24"
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