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Water Reclaim Systems Division


Cwc Supply offers several water reclaim systems to enable proper water retrieval and for every budget.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Vacu Berm Systems
Vacu Berm Systems
Hydro Tek Systems
HydroTek Systems
Vacu Boom Systems
Vacu-Boom Systems
Drain Covers
Drain Covers
Obeying Environmental Regulations is NOT an option!
BUT...with the proper equipment you can actually tap into huge profits by complying with strict new environmental laws.
Praying you won’t get caught?
As of January 1st, if Federal, State or Local enforcement officers catch you cleaning with enough
water to produce a stream, you could be subject to large fines and punitive actions.
It gets worse, if you leave any debris from your cleaning activities you can still be fined for what may wash into storm drains at a later time.
Want a crushing advantage over your competitors?
The smart solution is to take advantage of the great business opportunities created by these strict new laws. That’s right; with the proper equipment you can operate legally and more profitably than ever before.
Adapt and prosper! 
By providing your customers with workable, affordable solutions to their environmental compliance issues problems, you protect them from fines, bad publicity and, help to resolve costly liability headaches.
Prime corporate customers...
Franchisees, retailers, auto dealers and other high profile businesses must comply with pesky Environmental Regulations. More importantly, they’re anxious to hire contractors who can provide reasonable, cost effective solutions.
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