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Woolit Scrub Kit

The Woolit surface scrubbing tool designed for window cleaners, wood workers, metal workers, and house cleaners.  Combined with the Woolit™ Cleaning Pad, it is an ideal tool for removing hard water from glass, windows, and shower doors.  A Water-Proof Belt Pouch offers efficient, and quick use.

The Pole™ tool accommodates a standard extension pole, making it the ideal hard water removal solution for Pool Cleaners, Window Cleaners, and RV Cleaners.  Its wide handle and larger surface area also supports efficient scrubbing, cleaning and polishing of larger surfaces.

Woolit™ Cleaning Pads:
The Woolit™ Cleaning Pads combine the finest bronze and steel wool fibers with soft synthetic fibers in a composite textile. This method produces a product ideal for polishing fine wood finishes, cleaning glass and brightening dull metal surfaces. They are re-useable and are designed to easily produce and maintain a professional looking finish. Once you try a Woolit™ Cleaning Pad, you’ll never go back to your old method.
•    Glass:  Can be used alone without any liquid agent to clean and polish glass surfaces. Excellent for mirrors, windows, shower stalls, and other glass surfaces.
•    Wood: Used alone or with a good quality spray polish or paste wax; provides the optimum sheen on all your wood surfaces including cabinets, furniture, baseboards, woodwork and paneling. 
•    Metal: Can also be used with or without a cleaning compound. Can be used on brass lamps, railings and fixtures as well as other decorative metal surfaces.
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Woolit Small Pad Holder
Price: $13.66
Woolit Small Pad Holder
Woolit Small Pad Holder. Very durable and light. Constructed of heavy duty plastic with a comfortable grip. For use with the Woolit Small Bronze or Steel Pads, Not Included. 3" x 5"
Woolit Small Bronze Pad
Price: $8.29
Woolit Small Bronze Pad
Woolit small bronze pad. (0000) grade For use with the small pad holder part number WLTS ideal for removing hard water from glass, windows, and shower doors.
Woolit Small Steel Pad
Price: $5.15
Woolit Small Steel Pad
Woolit Small Steel Pad. (0000) grade For use with the small pad holder part number WLTS ideal for removing hard water from glass, windows, and shower doors.
Bronze Wool Scrub Pad
Price: $10.99
Bronze Wool Scrub Pad
The Tucker® bronze wool pad is designed to attach to a pad holder or doodle bug and allows for extra scrubbing power in scenarios where a brush scrub may not be enough to effectively remove stubborn debris from glass surfaces. Size of pad is 9" x 4"
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